Analyzing genomes from ancient and modern DNA is amazing science. I have small bits in my immune system from my Neanderthal cousins. Do you? I have mutations in my code that are brand new and make me unique. What are yours? Genomic information is expanding so crazy fast it’s tough to be genetically literate. My work endeavors to make our gene stories understandable and meaningful.

When you contact Fellman Studio you’ll talk to me, Lynn Fellman. I’m an independent artist, designer, animator, and writer specializing in evolution and genomics.
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Many of the images on this site are available for purchase. I can customize most or create a new work for your home, office or public spaces. Email your request and I will be happy to discuss.

Art + Science = genetic literacy for the 21st century

It’s important for all of us — taxpayers and policy makers — to understand basic science concepts to guide smart strategies for health, economy and our environment. The problem is getting the fundamentals across in a clear and engaging way. My solution combines accurate information with poetic visualization. Combining art and story to illuminate the beauty and benefit of genomic and evolutionary science is my passion as an artist and as a responsible citizen.

To get the art and story right, I study current scientific literature, attend science conferences, and work with scientists to understand their work. Then I write, design, and illustrate to explain what they do and why we should care. The outcome could be an art exhibit, animated video or interactive eBook. If you’re curious about my path to science you can read about it here.

Awards and memberships

Fulbright Senior Scholar award to Israel. I worked with Professor Dan Mishmar, evolutionary geneticist at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, to develop “Gene Cross Talk for Coevolution” about his research.

Grant Awards. Support from the National Science Foundation and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to design interactive digital tools for genetics and genealogy curriculum.

Visiting Scholar and Journalist Residency at NESCent. The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) was a think tank at Duke University for innovative, cross-disciplinary research in evolutionary science. I received two awards to develop interactive media about human evolution and genomic science.

PSW, The Philosophical Society of Washington, D.C.
NASW, National Association of Science Writers
Working group, “Genetics and Genealogy”, Professor Nina Jablonski, P.I.
Catalysis group, “Evolution of the Indoor Biome”, Professor Rob Dunn, P.I.