Digital Book Builder

  • Client:
    Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Dr. Nina Jablonski
  • Audience:
    middle school age students
  • Media:
    iBook Author
  • Production:
    Concept, design, script, animation, illustration, and narration by Lynn Fellman

Supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Digital Book Builder was designed to get kids curious about science and their own unique gene story with an interactive visual tool. The concept for the camp began with a team of scientists and one artist (Fellman) researching ways to educate young people about human biology, genetics, and evolution.

A teaching plan with an artistic component was devised to pair a student’s family story (their genealogy) with their gene story (DNA ancestry) to understand basic scientific concepts. The result was the Genetics and Genealogy Summer Camps launched at Penn State and the University of South Carolina in June 2016
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