DNA Digital Workbook

  • Client:
    co-principal investigators Dr. Nina Jablonski and Dr. Aditi Pai
  • Audience:
    Undergraduate Biology students
  • Media:
    Interactive iBook made with iBook Author
  • Production:
    Concept, design, illustration, and writing by Lynn Fellman
  • If you have curiosity:
    Would you like to see the iBook? Contact Fellman and she will send a link to a copy of the book. (Find her email on the "About" page).

The “Who Am I? Who I Am.” digital workbook is an interactive visual tool designed to reinforce learning objectives in biology curricula for undergraduate students.

The concept began with a team of scientists and one artist (Fellman) researching innovative ways to teach freshman college students about current research in human genetics and evolution. A plan was devised to pair modules focused on specific topics with a visual tool that let students show their genealogy and genetic ancestry.

The plan received funding from the National Science Foundation to develop “Genes and Genealogy Modules” for introductory biology courses. The modules with the iBook were launched at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia in the fall of 2016.



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