Diversity of a Community

  • Client:
    University of Minnesota
  • Media:
    Multiple Media Installation
  • Size:
    Each of the five DNA portraits are 3 x 4 feet. The storyboards are slightly smaller.
  • How to order:
    Contact Fellman to order your DNA Portrait or commission portraits to honor your community leaders
  • Title:
    Ancestry: Celebrating Diversity and Commonality in Community

The University of Minnesota commissioned DNA Portraits of five people for the Urban Outreach and Engagement Research Center (UROC) in Minneapolis. People from the community where UROC is located were invited to have their portrait created for the commission.

Titled “Genetic Ancestry: Diversity of a Community”, the portraits combine the participant’s DNA data with their image. The work shows how individuals in a community share pre-historic lineages with each other and all humanity. Using demographics of the community as a guide, the participants represented the African American, European, Asian, and Native American diversity of the residents.

The work is a traveling exhibit that has been displayed in Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, New York, Washington D.C. and North Carolina.

“Lynn’s DNA Portraits are a compelling way to showcase the diversity of UROC’s community and bridge science and art with a meaningful message.”
— Dr. Irma McClaurin, anthropologist and founding exec director of UROC, University of Minnesota

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