Sunny Sky in the Genome Garden

  • Client:
    Baylor College of Medicine
  • Audience:
    For everyone curious about the future of genetics in medicine. For anyone who are health advocates for themselves, friends, and family.
  • Media:
    Interactive iBook made with iBook Author
  • Title:
    Sunny Sky in the Genome Garden
  • If you have curiosity:
    Would you like to see the iBook? Contact Fellman and she will send a link to a copy of the book. (Find her email on the "About" page).

The book presents the work of scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine with a true story of a family and their young daughter’s unusual illness. 

The research to understand and treat the young girl was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by authors Dr. James Lupski and his colleagues. Concepts from the research are paired with a story and colorful illustrations for an accessible and understandable presentation.

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