Genetic Ancestry for HLA

  • Client:
    The Bioinformatics Group at Be the Match for viewing on their web site
  • Audience:
    For scientists and a general audience
  • Media:
    Flash animation to MP4 video
  • Production:
    Concept, design, script, animation, narration by Lynn Fellman

The Bioinformatics Group at Be the Match are conducting a series of studies that combine new data collection methods with ancestry information markers (AIM) to improve donor patient matches. Director Martin Maiers and Scientist Abeer Madbouly at the Bioinformatics Group hired Fellman to produce a video about this research.

The video explains that people alive today have unique markers in their genes that reflect ancient migrations and contemporary mixing. The ancestry markers in our DNA reveals our genetic history as well as precise information with medical relevance for procedures like bone marrow transplants.

In a land of many Multis like the United States, people with mixed genetic ancestry who need a stem cell transplant have difficulty finding a matching donor. This research may lead to more exact genetic data and measurable ethnic information may result in matching more donors with patients for more successful stem cell transplantation outcomes.

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