Genome Stories eBook and Coloring Book

  • Audience:
    For everyone curious about the future of genetics in medicine. For anyone who are health advocates for themselves, friends, and family.
  • Media:
    Interactive eBook and a printed, coloring book version of chapter one.
  • How to order:
    Available on the Apple iTunes Book Store Fall 2018
  • Title:
    "We Want Our Genome Story", design, story, and illustrations by Lynn Fellman

This is a true story about an artist who loves to write, draw, and talk about the beauty and wonder of genomics. Little did she know while writing and illustrating this book that she had a genetic disease. What a shock!

She got treatment and as she got healthy the book evolved into the story of her journey as a Genome Explorer and Storm Chaser. Yes, you guessed it — this is Lynn Fellman’s personal story.

Who is the book for? Not just for kids. The eBook and companion coloring book are for all humans at any age. Each of us has a genome uniquely ours. It has important and valuable information for our personal health, our family, and for other humans.

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