Molecules to Organisms

  • Client:
    Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Media:
    Original pigment prints with translucent, organza silk overlays and glass beading. The overlays are positioned above the print, adding dimension to the work.
  • Size:
    Each framed work shown here is 3 x 4 feet. Custom sizes are also available.
  • How to order:
    Contact Fellman to commission an original work for your home, office or public spaces

An urban hospital wanted contemporary art for their new building. Intrigued by Fellman’s use of genetic themed work, they commissioned this work for the main guest area.

Titled “From Molecules to Organisms”, the three panel work depicts the evolution of life. The first image shows the appearance RNA, DNA, and the emergence of small organisms and plants. The center image shows creatures transitioning from water to land. The last one shows modern humans, in a burst of A, T, C, and Gs, leaving Africa to populate all parts of the world.

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