Your DNA Portrait

  • Media:
    Pigment ink on 100% rag paper
  • Size:
    22 x 30 up to 30 x 42 inches
  • How to order:
    Contact Fellman to discuss size and other custom details

Fellman’s first subjects for DNA portraits were friends bravely willing to send their samples for sequencing. That was 2007 and some of the portraits shown here are from that era.

Composed in an original design, each portrait shows our genetic migrations back through the ages to humanity’s origins in Africa. As digital paintings made with pigment inks on archival paper, the art is designed to last for generations as a distinctive family heirloom.

The individual portraits led to a commission from the University of Minnesota to create portraits of a group — leaders from an ethnically diverse neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Titled “Genetic Ancestry: Diversity of a Community”, the portraits have a universal appeal and travel as an exhibit to museums, universities, and clinics.


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