When you contact Fellman Studio, you’ll talk to me, Lynn Fellman. I’m a multimedia artist, designer, and writer communicating the beauty and benefit of basic scientific research. From evolutionary genetics to precision medicine, my creative approach makes you smarter and curious to know more.

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I’m fascinated by human evolution and genomic science. I make complex concepts accessible through art, design, and narrative — working directly with scientists to produce traveling sci-art exhibits, interactive eBooks, and animations about their research. Here are some examples:
Gene Cross Talk for Coevolution

Produced at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel with evolutionary geneticist Dan Mishmar, this 3 minute animation is about the coevolution of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA. 

The Evolution of Human Skin Color

I’m working with Nina Jabolonski, biological anthropologist, on a book for kids based on her research in human skin color. I’m designing and illustrating the book. Take a peek.

eBook for Baylor College of Medicine

Finding de Novo mutations and their role in disease is precision medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. I’m working with clinical geneticist, James Lupski, to make an eBook about exome sequencing to save a young girl.

An artist working with a scientist. What’s it like?

Working with scientists in Israel was extraordinary. I wrote about it on my blog and made a video explaining my collaboration with evolutionary geneticists in Israel.