Lynn Fellman is a multimedia artist, designer, and author communicating the beauty and benefit of scientific research. From molecular anthropology and paleogenomics to personalized and evolutionary medicine, her creative approach makes us smarter and curious to know more.

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I’m fascinated by human evolution and genomic science. My creative work explains how genes and ancient bones illuminate human history, how genetics in medicine will propel our future and why basic research is relevant now, for everyone. To produce a video or design a book, I work directly with scientists to communicate their research. Here are some examples:
Precision medicine at Baylor College of Medicine

Basic research to find de novo mutations and their role in disease moves to the clinic at Baylor College of Medicine. I’m working with clinical geneticist, Dr. Jim Lupski, to make an eBook about using exome sequencing to save a young patient.

Evolution of Human Skin Color – We Got Color!

I’m working with Dr. Nina Jabolonski, biological anthropologist, on a book for kids that is based on her research. Nina is writing the science, South African author Sindiwe Magona is writing the story, and I’m designing and illustrating the book. Take a peek.

Bioinformatics — Big, Booming and Interdisciplinary

The Bioinformatics Group at Be the Match puts algorithms and analytical tools to big genomic data to understand biology. I made animated videos “HLA Making the Match” and “Genetic Ancestry” about the scientists and their research.

Evolution’s Balancing Act in Human Prehistory

Peter Parham and Ashley Moffett’s paper in “Nature Reviews Immunology” looks at genetic changes in our immune and reproductive systems that allowed us to birth babies with larger brains. Read about it on my weblog.