Lynn Fellman is a multimedia artist, designer, and author communicating research in genomic science through art and narrative.

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I work with scientists to communicate their research in the biological sciences. Part inspiration and part education, my hybrid style sparks understanding and appreciation for the value and benefit of basic research.
Evolution 2014 and Biology of the Genome

New work will be on display at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences during the Evolution 2014 meeting and at Cold Spring Harbor Lab for Biology of the Genome. See examples here.

Hire me to fulfill your broader impact goals

Include me in your NSF grant to address the merit review criteria for broader impacts. I can assist in writing a strong, innovative plan that explains the potential benefit and contribution to society. Contact me to discuss.

Working with a designer made easy

I know how busy scientists are so I guide the design process to determine key messages, audience, and deliverables. The results are accurate presentations that deliver the “so what” in an engaging way. Ask me for more information.

Evolution’s balancing act in prehistory

A paper in “Nature Reviews Immunology” by Peter Parham and Ashley Moffett looks at genetic changes in our immune and reproductive systems that allowed for babies with larger brains. Read about it on my weblog.