When you contact Fellman Studio you’ll talk to Lynn Fellman, a multimedia artist, designer, and writer. Fellman communicates the beauty and value of genomic science. From evolutionary genetics to precision medicine, her creative approach makes you smarter and curious to know more.

Fellman is fascinated by human evolution and genomic science. She makes complex concepts accessible through art, design, and narrative — working directly with scientists to produce traveling sci-art exhibits, interactive eBooks, and animations about their research
Senior Scholar Project for Fulbright

Produced at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev with an evolutionary geneticist, this 3 minute animation is about the coevolution of mtDNA and nuclear DNA. 

Genetics to Genealogy Digital Book Builder

Fellman developed an interactive visual tool to get kids curious about genetics, science careers and their own DNA.

Art for Genetics in Medicine

Art work about unicellularity to multicellularity for an Evolutionary Medicine Conference at University of California San Francisco.

Animation about working with scientists

Fellman wrote a blog post and made a video about working with evolutionary geneticists in Israel.