Genome Art and Science Storytelling Books
Luminous colors and lyrical narratives pair the science of our genomes with art and story for humans of any age.
genome art and science storytelling digital book
“We Want Our Genome Story” digital book

Hurrah for science! I’m an artist who writes and draws about genomic science. Little did I know I had a genetic disease. What a shock! I got treatment, got healthy, and along the way, made the digital book, “We Want Our Genome Story.” It’s my true story as a Genome Explorer and cancer survivor. I show it with genome art and science storytelling.

It’s interactive. Hop around and discover the storytelling layers. You’ll meet my avatar, “Artist,” in the illustrated scenes in the top layer. Tap buttons to open new layers with questions and conundrums. They lead to the answers in the last chapter  — explanations of the science, interviews, and more.

Not just for kids! The journey of exploring our genome is one we all share. As members of the first generation to have our DNA data, we are a vanguard of genome explorers. With easy-to-understand content for humans of any age, you’ll learn how fantastic our genome stories can be.

Coming soon. ”We Want Our Genome Story” digital book will be available in 2021 from Apple Books.  Peek inside now to view the illustration and narrative style — a unique blend of genome art and science storytelling. Would you like to be notified it’s published? Please fill out the form on my contact page, and I’ll let you know when it’s ready for purchase.

genome art and science storytelling coloring book
“We Want Our Genome Story” coloring book

Are you science-curious? Would you like to learn about your DNA while you color? Then let your inner artist and scientist shine with ”We Want Our Genome Story Coloring Book.” Whether young or young-at-heart, the coloring book is for humans at any age. After all, as the First Gen to have our genome data, we’re all students learning together. 

The Coloring Book includes the first chapter of the digital-book on 30 pages of high-quality, heavyweight paper. Use pencils, pastels, markers, and watercolors to color as you follow her story. Peek inside to see the delightful illustrations and then visit my SciArt Shop to order the coloring book. It’s available now and shipping is free!

“Skin We Are In” evolution of human skin color book
“Skin We Are In”
A book about the evolution of human skin color

“Skin We Are In” tells the story of the evolution of human skin color through the eyes and voices of curious children and one thoughtful uncle. It celebrates the “glorious human rainbow” with 44 pages of marvelous genome art and science storytelling.

The book is a collaborative endeavor by South African writer Sindiwe Magona, American anthropologist Dr. Nina Jablonski, and I designed the book and illustrated the story. Created for young people, 9 to 14 years old, the book is available in all eleven official languages of South Africa. Buy from Amazon.