Books about Genomics

Stories for humans of any age illuminate the science of our magnificent genome.

"Decoding Plant Genomes" is a book written and illustrated by Lynn Fellman.
“Decoding Plant Genomes”

Meet the plant biologists at Cold Spring Harbor Lab (CSHL) working at top speed decoding and editing plant genomes to protect our food supply.

Artist, the character in the story, narrates my experience at CSHL as the Celia & Wally Gilbert Artist-in-Residence. I received the award for my proposal to interview the Lab’s plant biologists and make this book about their research.

My conversations with scientists are the centerpiece of the science in the story. Illustrations showcase the historic houses on the CSHL campus and the genome-engineered plants in the greenhouses.

“Decoding Plant Genomes” is hot-off-the-press and ready for purchase in my online store, where you can see some of the illustrations, meet the scientists, and get a feel for the story.

"Skin We Are In" illustrated by Lynn Fellman
“Skin We Are In”

“Skin We Are In” tells the story of the evolution of human skin color through the voices of six curious children and one thoughtful uncle. It celebrates the “glorious human rainbow” as an illustrated story with explanations of the science.

The book is a collaboration of South African writer Sindiwe Magona, American anthropologist Dr. Nina Jablonski, and me. Nina initiated the project and wrote the science text, Sindiwe wrote the story, and I illustrated the book.

The book is printed by a South African publisher, David Philip Books, in eleven African languages. You can buy the English version from Amazon and my online store.

“We Want Our Genome Story” coloring book about our magnificent genome.
“We Want Our Genome Story”

Are you science-curious? Would you like to learn about DNA while you color? Let your inner artist and scientist shine with “We Want Our Genome Story Coloring Book.” You can use pencils, pastels, markers, and watercolors on the high-quality, heavy-weight pages of the book.

Whether young or young-at-heart, the story about our magnificent genome is for humans at any age. After all, as the first generation to have our data, we’re all students learning together.

The coloring book is available now! Read some of the story and see the illustrations in my online store, where you can buy the book online.