Exploring the genome with art and story

Explore the science of the genome with me, and you’ll find wonder. Discover possibilities! Become a science-savvy citizen for a sustainable future.

"Decoding Plant Genomes" is a book written and illustrated by Lynn Fellman.

Are you a genome explorer?

Yes, of course you are. We’re the first generation to have our individual code, aka your DNA. Intricate and sublime, fierce and fantastic, every genome has a remarkable story.

I’m Lynn Fellman, an artist for science—drawing and writing about the magnificent genome. My art, books, and videos are for young and not-so-young Genome Explorers like you. Illustrated tales to learn the science, experience the wonder, and become powerful genome-literate citizens for a sustainable future.

Why explain science with art and story?

Scientific concepts can be confounding, and scientific words are baffling. Ordinary folk, like you and me, need the big picture and why it matters. So, illustrations and words share my creative palette. To make a compelling story with a good feeling, “Ah, ha! Now I get it!” emotional response.

The outcome could be a book about biologists modifying plants to withstand the raging climate. Or animated videos about engineering genomes to advance therapies and vaccines. Fine art prints that celebrate the dynamic double helix and genome-inspired greeting cards.

Do you know?

An organism’s complete set of DNA is called its genome. But did you know we have three core genomes that, all together, make up your magnificent genome? If you wonder what and where, make a guess and watch “DNA vs. Genome. What’s the Diff?” that explains everything.