Videos and Animations about Genomic Science
Engaging story and vibrant illustrations explain the genomic research in these short animations.

Gene Cross-Talk Animation

I’ve produced over a dozen videos and animations about genomic science. “Gene Cross-Talk” is one of my favorites. When the Fulbright Association granted me a Senior Scholar Award to make it, I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with evolutionary geneticist Dr. Dan Mishmar.

I created the animation during my residency in the Mishmar Lab at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be’er Sheva, Israel. The animation is based on Dr. Mishmar’s research and tells the story of coevolution between mitochondrial and nuclear DNA. After consulting with Dr. Mishmar, I wrote, narrated, illustrated, and animated the 3-minute video.

Designed for a general audience, “Gene Cross-Talk” is freely available for educational use. You can download the animation here. Check out all the animations in my Vimeo library here.

Animations for the
GWG Conference

The Genome Writers Guild (GWG) is a scientific organization building a better future for humanity through genome engineering and public education.

I’m a founding member, and every year we host a conference. Genome engineers and synthetic biologists from around the world present their late-breaking research. Artists, authors, and journalists speak at sessions for the public as well.

These two videos are from a series for the GWG Future-Now Therapies Conference. You can watch all the videos for the event in my Vimeo Library. Learn more about my creative process here.

HLA: Making the Match

“HLA” is short for Human Leukocyte Antigen System. It’s the immune system we inherit from our parents and ancient ancestors. Living through the coronavirus pandemic, we all have a new appreciation for our innate HLA immune system.

Bioinformatics scientists at Be the Match specialize in deciphering the critical components of HLA. They identify the genes and specific variants to ensure accurate patient-donor matches. This animation talks about their research and how it can improve successful outcomes for people who need a stem cell transplantation.

Genetic Ancestry for
Precision Medicine

Did you know the DNA inherited from your ancient ancestors from distant lands has information that may be critical for your health? Or for someone who needs a medical procedure like a bone marrow transplant. 

The animation explains that “in a land of many multis,” such as the United States, identifying genomic variants is critical for people with mixed genetic ancestry who need a donor match. It’s a superb example of precision medicine to save lives.

As shown in this genomic SciArt video animation, bioinformatics scientists at Be the Match developed the data collection tools to find the variants. Learn more about these innovative researchers and view other videos and animations about genomic science in my Vimeo Library.