Contact Lynn Fellman Artist for Genomics
Contact Lynn Fellman artist for genomics. Ask a question or make a request, and Lynn will get back to you in a jiff.
Lynn Fellman artist for genomics

Contact Lynn

When you contact Fellman Studio, you’ll talk to me, Lynn Fellman, artist for genomics. I write, draw, and animate stories about our genomes and human evolution.

You can purchase some of my work from my online shop.

To reach me, send an email to Lynn (at) Fellman Studio (dot) com. You can also use the form to ask a question or make a request. I’ll get back to you in a jiff.

Let’s connect — ask to be my friend on Facebook. Follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn. Watch all nine animations and videos on my YouTube channel.

Contact Lynn Fellman, Artist for Science, at

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"We Want Our Genome Story” digital book by Lynn Fellman artist for science

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