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When you contact Fellman Studio, you’ll talk to me, Lynn Fellman, artist-author for genomics.

Lynn Fellman artist for genomics

I’m an independent artist—drawing and writing to show and explain the science of our magnificent genomes. You can reach me by email at Lynn (at) Fellman Studio (dot) com. Please follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and my YouTube channel.

Working with scientists.

My book, “Decoding Plant Genomes,” was supported by an artist-in-residence grant from Cold Spring Harbor Lab (CSHL), where I interviewed plant biologists modifying plants to withstand climate change.

I’m a Fulbrighter! The Fulbright Association granted me a senior scholar award to Israel to work with evolutionary geneticist Dr. Dan Mishmar and produce a video about his research.

National Science Foundation (NSF), the University of Minnesota (UMN), and scientific organizations have supported my work. Read more about my awards and supporters here.

Hey, artist, why genomics?

The mighty combo of art + story to explain the science of the genome is my cunning plan to persuade you to become genome-literate. Now that we can engineer life, we need science-savvy citizens to guide intelligent and ethical policies. Future generations are counting on us to get it right. More about my philosophy is here.

The spark for my art.

The Genomic Revolution will change us; it changed me. It was the spark for my art, woke my desire to learn, and morphed me into a fierce advocate for science. I’ve been exploring the science of our magnificent genome with art and story ever since. More about my background is here.