Fine Art Prints about Genomics

“Helix” fine art prints celebrate our genomes’ dynamic and plastic nature

Genomic-themed original fine art print by Lynn Fellman

The flowing shapes and dancing patterns in my “Helix” series of fine art prints mimic the twirling-twisting behavior of the DNA molecule—the iconic double helix. It’s how our genome works! DNA in the nucleus is packaged into chromosomes that twist and bend—moving parts close together to activate genes.

Making the artwork: Each image is a mix of traditional and digital media, starting with pencil and paper. The pencil sketches are painted with ink and brushes in broad, loose strokes. I combine the handmade paintings with digital tools, adding layers of overlapping shapes in translucent colors.

The completed compositions are printed by me on my Giclee printer with pigment inks on beautiful archival papers—materials designed to work together for vibrant, long-lasting color. You can view all the designs in my SciArt Shop and purchase what you like online.

Interested in custom artwork? One of my designs with a congratulatory message is a unique way to honor a colleague. Send an email with your request to Lynn (at) FellmanStudio (dot) com, and I’ll get back to you tout de suite.