Genomic-themed Fine Art Prints
Genomic-themed fine art prints are available for purchase in a wide range of patterns and spectacular colors.
Genomic-themed “Polyform” fine art print
Polyform Prints

I’ve titled these genomic-themed fine art prints “Polyforms.” It’s a playful variation on a many-sided, two-dimensional, mathematical figure called a polygon.

Lynn Fellman artist for genomics

I cut the small squares from larger prints. A whole mess of them! Then sort the pieces into similar color groups like dabs on a painter’s palette. Arranging the pieces this way and that until the composition looks just right — is challenging but enthralling.

You’ll spot tiny multicellular organisms and fossils, strands of DNA, RNA, and dancing chromosomes. When completed, I digitize and print the image with archival materials for longevity and beautiful color.

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"Dancing Helix” original pigment print
Dancing Helix Prints

These genomic-themed fine art prints are titled “Dancing Helix.” The flowing patterns are inspired by the iconic, twined shape of the double helix.

Each image starts with pencil sketches to shape ideas. Then I paint portions of the drawings with ink and brushes. Next step: combine the handmade paintings with digital drawing tools, adding layers and layers of translucent color to overlapping shapes. Last step: I print the finished images with pigment inks on 100% rag paper.

The SciArt Collection

All the genomic-themed fine art prints in my SciArt Collection are made with a mix of traditional and digital media. Starting with pencil sketches, I add watercolor shapes with ink and brush and then digitize the paintings.

That’s when fun-with-color begins. Using digital drawing tools, I select a color palette and develop the lines and shapes into a finished work. Then print on museum-quality, rag paper with pigment inks — materials designed to work together for rich, long-lasting color.

Are you interested in a custom design? Perhaps you’d like an art print to honor a colleague or a genetic-themed artwork for your home. Write your request on my contact form, and I’ll get back to you in a jiff.

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