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Curious about how paleo anthropology and molecular anthropology inform human evolution. I work with scientists to make their research understandable and beautiful. Focusing on human evolution and genomic science, I combine images with narrative to engage people.

This is h1 sample text

I picture this being a major header.

This is h2 sample text

I picture this being a less major header, and the Portfolio Item Page title font

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This can be reserved for if you want descriptive subtext below a h1 or h2 header.  I picture it as also being the text you use for the large text on the Home page.

This is h4 sample text

This is h5 sample text

Headings 4 & 5 should be the same size & weight, but different colors.  4 (orange) can be for minor subheaders like on the About page.  5 (black) can be what we use for the intro text at the tops of pages.

This is h6 sample text

I picture this being the smallest subheader, which we use on the home page.

This is bold paragraph text 

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This is link text.