Are you a genome explorer?

Yes, of course, you are. We’re the first generation to have our DNA data. We find wonder. Discover possibilities! When we explore the science of our genomes through art and story.
Lynn Fellman artist-for-science

I’m Lynn Fellman, artist for science, drawing and writing about our magnificent genomes. My collection of art and stories about genomics are made for Genome Explorers like you. Illustrated stories where you learn the science, experience the wonder, and discover why it’s essential to be genome-literate in the Twenty-first Century.

"We Want Our Genome Story” art and story for genomics

Art and stories about genomics: explore our magnificent genomes in my illustrated books.

Genetic-themed “Polyform” fine art print

SciArt for your walls in vibrant, saturated colors printed with pigment inks on archival paper.

Genetic Ancestry Portrait art and story for genomics

DNA Portrait Exhibit shows genetic ancestry data of real people from prehistoric to the current time.

CRISPR genome engineering

Art and stories about genomics.

It’s the Era of Genomics, featuring a genome engineering tool, CRISPR. And the hero fighting the coronavirus, messenger RNA. What are they? Do you need to know? Yes! It’s time to get smart about the science-in-you. Art with a story can lead you through.

"Dancing Helix" pigment print

Dancing Helix Prints are painterly patterns inspired by the iconic beauty of the double helix.

“Skin We Are In” book

Art and science tell the story of the evolution of human skin color to young African teens.

"Dark Zone" notecard

Shop and buy the cards, prints, and books you see here at my other website,

Making DNA-themed art by Lynn Fellman

Fierce and fantastic science-in-you.

Scientific concepts can be hard to explain, so words and pictures share my creative palette. The outcome could be a traveling exhibit about our genetic ancestry. Or animated stories and interactive books that illuminate fascinating facets of genomics — all created to spark a quest for the fierce and fantastic science-in-you.

“Genetic Ancestry” animation, art and story for genomics

Genetic ancestry informs critical health and medical decisions in this 3-minute animated video.

Dancing Helix original pigment print by Lynn Fellman artist for science

Show beautiful biology on your walls with genomic themed ink and brush digital paintings.

“Gene Cross-Talk” animation, art and story for genomics

Nuclear DNA and DNA in mitochondria talk to each other for co-evolution in this 3-minute video.