“Dancing Helix” fine art prints
“Dancing Helix” fine art prints

“Dancing Helix” artwork begins with pencil on paper to shape the composition; then, portions are painted and digitized. Using digital tools, I add layers of translucent colors to capture the double helix’s flowing shape and dynamic quality.

Media: The work is printed with pigment ink on 100% cotton archival paper for vibrant, long-lasting color.

Size:  The artwork measures about 5.75 x 16 inches on paper, which is 11 x 19 inches.

What’s included: Your selection is printed by me, dated, and signed. The print is delivered unframed—rolled with acid-free protective paper, and mailed in a strong mailing tube. Please tell your framer to use conservation quality materials.

Shipping is free within the continental United States.


Did you know?

DNA in the nucleus is packaged into chromosomes that twist and bend to bring parts close together to activate genes. The framed print shown below, “Emerald-Gold-Blue,” is one of many designs in the “Helix” series that celebrate this lively behavior.

For inspiring science about our magnificent genome, check out the story behind the Human Genome Project, “one of the great feats of scientific exploration.”

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