“We Want Our Genome Story” book
“We Want Our Genome Story” coloring book

Not just for kids, the “We Want Our Genome Story” coloring book is for all humans of any age. You’ll meet Artist, the hero, on a journey to learn about our DNA. Please scroll down to read more about the book.

Details: 30 pages of white, heavyweight (100 lb. cover weight) uncoated paper with coil binding. The sturdy paper is suitable for pencils, pastels, markers, and watercolors. The coil binding allows the book to lay flat for easy coloring.

Shipping is free within the continental United States.

Size: 8.5 x 11 inch | 30 pages
Publisher: Fellman Studio Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-7323953-0-5


Are you genome-curious?

Whether young or not-so-much,” We Want Our Genome Story Coloring Book” is for humans of any age. After all, as the First-Gen to have our DNA data, we’re all first-time students learning together.

The book begins with a person named Artist in her studio, making art about the science-in-us. When a young visitor asks, “Why get my whole genome sequenced? What does my DNA say about me? Why do I need to be genome-smart?” Artist doesn’t know the answers but is determined to learn. Tossing pencils and sketchbooks into her pack, she flies out of her studio to discover our genome stories.

The more Artist looked, the more she wondered, “Where is my genome? What is a gene? What genes code for my superpower? Along her journey, you’ll find that you’re participating in something extraordinary—a history-making, human-wide, Genome Story adventure.We Want Our Genome Story coloring book


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